The Big Brother Live Feeds is only $10/month!
The list of free live feeds for this season has been posted. 
However, I strongly recommend the feeds @ CBS.com.
Have a fantastic summer & enjoy the live feeds! :)

Big Brother 16 Free Live Feeds

This year, there are 6 different ways to watch the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds for free!

Feed 1CBS.com
Watch the live feeds at CBS.com for a FREE 48-hour trial. The live feeds is open to subscribers in the United States & Canada.

If you are not satisfied, you can always cancel your subscription before the 48-hour trial ends.

Feed 2TV Nutters
TV Nutters is a popular site known for their free feeds. However, the streams are a little bit different this year. 

Stream 1 is free. Stream 2 and 3, on the other hand, requires a small donation.
Feed 3Justin.tv
There are many channels on Justin.tv that host the feeds.

You have no control over the live stream, as this is controlled by moderators of the channel.

Feed 4 – Vaughn Live
Vaughn Live is another streaming website similar to Justin.tv.

There are many channels that provides a live stream of the feeds and airing of Big Brother on the East Coast.

Buy the Live Feeds

You can purchase the live feeds for $27 or $10/month. There is a FREE 48-hour trial at CBS.com. Click here to get started!

The live feeds is open to subscribers in the United States, Canada, & Australia.

Remember to have your credit card or debit card with you. Watch this video to help you navigate through the steps of buying the feeds. 

(If you are not satisfied, you can always cancel your subscription before the 48-hour trial ends.)

Still Not Convinced?
5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Feeds

1) You are given uncensored access inside the Big Brother house. You know what the Big Brother players are thinking and how they are strategizing.

2) The price has decreased. When the feeds were on Superpass, the regular price was $45. Now the feeds are on CBS.com, and the regular pice is only $27!

3) You are in control of what you watch. The free streams are controlled by a moderator. He or she decides what to watch; you have no control over it.

4) You will definitely notice the better picture and audio quality in the feeds compared to the free streams.

5) There are features only available to subscribers! This includes flashback, Houseguest tracker, & subscribers-only vote. This means you can choose a houseguest to do laundry!

Big Brother All-Nighter

CBS also giving away free live feeds by tweeting out promo codes on Twitter @CBSBigBrother.

You can find more details & RSVP on Facebook!

EVERY hour a question will be tweeted out, and it is your responsibility to find the correct answer and reply back to the tweet. CBS chooses the winners afterwards.

It is going to be a #BBAllNighter 

Have fun and good luck! :)

UPDATE – #BBAllNighter has ended

Big Brother 15 Free Live Feeds

Love Big Brother? Want to watch the live feeds for free? There are FOUR different ways you can watch the Big Brother live stream for free without paying a single penny.

Find More Live Feeds!

The methods I have posted on this blog are not the only ways you can watch the feeds for free.